The Short Version

Alison Woo is a digital strategist, journalist and new media expert for She is the co-author of “How to Say It: Marketing with New Media” and a principal in New Media Mavens. She is based in NYC.

The Long Version

I’m a first generation American whose parents realized the quintessential American success story by owning their own businesses. My dad owned several highly succesful restaurants in Manhattan and my mom was a management consultant in the healthcare field. I grew up in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn (a oceanside hamlet 25 minutes south of Manhattan).

After graduating from college with a degree in Finance at age 18, I worked in investment banking, was the youngest manangement member for the last great global airline, Pan American World Airways, and found my calling when I literally fell on the steps of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism.

For a decade or so thereafter, I worked in television — for CNN, for two Time Warner local 24-hour news stations and even managed a stint with my hero Emmy-Award winning anchor Linda Ellerbee; print — was the founding editor for a community newspaper in the seventh fastest growing county in the nation; radio and now work bridging all these mediums with the online world.

I’m a digital strategist, a coach, a consultant, a trainer and someone who truly believes that owning a business is one of the most creative and fun things a person can do. I love to connect people to the passion they had when they started their business and help them communicate that passion to their customers.

I’m also a freelance journalist whose work as appeared in Money Magazine, Fortune Small Business and Pink Magazine and write about business and technology.

My life is dedicated to this idea: The right information, at the right time, can change your life. 

I’m thrilled and honored to work with those who are seeking help communicating in this ever-changing new world using technology.

 Contact me by e-mailing me at woo at alisonwoo dot com.


NAWBO member

National Advisory Board Member, Enterprising Women

Society of Professional Journalists

Asian-American Journalists Association

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